Direct marketing has been found to be one of the most effective ways of marketing. Marketers benefit from it as it gives a high return on investment. There is also a stronger recollection of the brand with direct marketing. It elicits a greater response from the audience. Direct Marketing can be even more beneficial for your brand during Diwali due to a variety of reasons. Some of them have been listed below.

● Ability to visit consumers

Marketing directly to consumers can provide an array of benefits, but visiting consumers directly may not always be possible due to the fast paced work lives that most consumers have. They may not find the time to appreciate your marketing efforts. However, during Diwali, the entire family is at home and are not working. People are also more willing to welcome people and novel ideas during Diwali. This gives you ample opportunity to visit them and properly employ your Direct Marketing strategies.

● People are Extra Receptive to Direct Marketing during Diwali

Most people receive mail and calls on a daily basis but pay closer attention during festivals such as Diwali because this is a time when they receive personal greetings and well-wishes from family and friends. Unlike other days, customers do not look at receiving mails as a chore and do not end up deleting them without even reading them. They, in fact, look forward to it with anticipation and excitement, thereby making them more receptive to every direct mail piece. This therefore helps greatly not only to boost sales, but also to increase engagement and brand loyalty. Diwali is also the perfect time to use direct marketing to launch a loyalty program, send customer appreciation cards, etc. Direct marketing during Diwali can give you the highest chances of customers responding, engaging or remembering your brand, the effects of which will continue throughout the year.

● Personalization to make your brand stand out

Diwali is a prime time to boost sales and therefore, all brands employ their best marketing strategies during the festival. With a surplus of advertisements and offers all around, it may be difficult for your brand to get noticed, particularly if you are a small business owner. In such a scenario, direct marketing can be the most viable option for you. Receiving direct mails makes customers feel more appreciated. This is because other forms of marketing can be extremely generic and consumers do not feel like engaging with the content. On the other hand, personalization can be used in direct marketing to create a one-to-one communication experience. Including other methods, such as direct mail, has been shown to aid in success. Additional personalization can amplify the one-to-one appeal. This gives the consumer the impression that the marketing was made just for them. Personalized content will make it less likely that consumers will ignore it amidst the madness of Diwali marketing and will help your brand stand out from the rest.

● The Approach Is Cost-Effective

The festive time is the best time to maximize profits with minimal cost. Direct marketing can be much more cost-effective since you will be able to target a specific group that is more likely to buy from you. You will be directing your valuable resources and marketing efforts to guaranteed sales. The funds you save from this can be used to provide for better offers and freebies for Diwali. It is the best way to allocate your funds in a way to ensure higher returns.

● An Opportunity to Upsell & Re-Engage

Some of the target audience may be repeat clients, which means you’ll have a wealth of data on each of them. Almost every detail of your marketing can be customized. When trying to upsell your clients on more luxury products or services, this is useful. More sales are generated as a result. Direct marketing can also be utilised to re-engage past clients who haven’t bought anything in months or years. Express how much you’ve missed them, invite them back, and make an offer. Customers tend to spend more and buy luxury products more during Diwali. Therefore, using direct marketing during this time can benefit you greatly.

● Reward Loyal Customers

Making a consumer feel valued is a great strategy to keep them returning. Direct marketing can enable you to reward loyal customers to encourage them to return. It’s less time-consuming and less expensive than finding new leads. If a current consumer has had a favourable experience with you in the past, they are less inclined to shop at another store or retailer. Your consumers would appreciate even a tiny gesture.

● Everyone is Looking for Gift Ideas

Everyone engages in gifting during this season. Choosing gifts can sometimes be stressful for consumers and that is when direct marketing can come in. Direct Marketing will ensure that your brand is remembered and consumers will gravitate towards your brand when they choose a gift, especially when they are unsure about what to gift.

● Provides a lasting impact

Instead of investing your time and efforts into other forms of marketing during Diwali which will soon be forgotten as soon as the festive season and offers end, direct marketing will leave a long-lasting impact long after the festive season is over. While attractive offers and discounts are bound to grab the attention of consumers, Direct Marketing coupled with these offers and discounts is bound to keep their attention.