How IKEA And Other Stores Strategize Product Layouts To Market Products Better

What does department store product layout design involve?

When it comes to designing product layout in department stores, you’ll often see several different themes being incorporated. First, stores will often have one or more main aisles that are specifically designed to showcase different types of designs and color palettes related to each aisle. Often, these aisles are called “flavors” or “sensors” for the various items featured within.

Why is it so important to have a well-designed layout?

This is where it gets interesting. Product layout design is often the single biggest factor that drives sales. In fact, studies on the topic have shown that as little as five seconds might be all it takes for customers to decide whether or not to buy an item.

How department stores choose their product layouts

One of the most important aspects of a product layout design is the selection of items within it. That’s because customers will often only spend time looking at items that they’re interested in buying.

Some ways you could redesign your home furnishing product layout

Just like in your redesign, you can create custom product layouts and incorporate a variety of different elements. This may include different types of floor and wall coverings, lighting fixtures, and decorative objects that you can add to the store.


The best way to ensure that your home furnishing store performs well is to create a well-designed layout. That means taking the time to understand what types of items will best suit each aisle. You can also use visual queues and other techniques to help navigate customers through your store, keep them interested in what you have to offer, and boost sales as quickly as possible.



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