As the year comes towards an end, it is important to put your brand front and centre as it will ensure that you are embedded in your consumers’ mind when they make any purchasing decision, without even a second thought. Once your brand comes to the knowledge of consumers, they will end up forgetting it unless you actively promote it.

The degree to which a brand is recognised by potential customers and accurately linked with its specific product or service is extremely important because it could result in consumers coming to know about what your brand is known for, consumers preferring your brand over others, even if there are cheaper alternatives, etc.

It will build trust in the minds of your consumers as the more familiarity they have, the more they will gravitate towards it. This will allow you to obtain loyal customers, build a good reputation and introduce new products and services with ease. Consumers will start to identify your brand from merely a quick glance at your logo or part of your jingle. It paves the way to achieve your goals as a brand. So wrap your year up with success using the following tips to put your brand front and centre:

● Referral programs

Word-of-mouth is the best way to spread knowledge about your brand and the best way to encourage your consumers to do this, is by offering perks when they do so. They will happily talk about your brand to all their friends and family. This will increase the number of sign-ups on your website without you having to do the work.

● Choose a logo that represents you

People around the world can see a check mark logo from a distance and immediately associate it with Nike and the same goes for the ‘M’ of McDonald’s or Apple’s bitten apple. Work with a graphic designer to create a logo that you use everywhere from your marketing to advertising to print on your products. to all other campaigns. Make sure that the logo is not just aesthetic but is also representative of your brand.

● Infographics

Infographics are a fun and creative method to present valuable marketing facts and data. These are frequently shared, making them an excellent tool for brand growth and thought leadership.

● Freemium

Freemium is a business strategy in which a base product is provided for free, with premium or enterprise-level products being charged for. It’s a well-known pricing method. Customers can have a taste of your brand and goods before making a purchase if you offer a freemium option. It is a try-before-you-buy option that has proved to be quite effective. Usually, for the free products or services, the brand’s watermark will be shown on it. Therefore, even if the consumer chooses not to opt for your paid services, knowledge about your brand will still be spreading while the consumer receives it for free which is favourable for both.

● Social media contests

Running social media contests is bound to make your audience engage with your brand. It will pull in more and more people who are excited to participate in the contest even if they are initially unaware of your brand. They will also share your page extensively as a result.

● Sponsor events.

Festivals, concerts, fairs and exhibitions can be the perfect places to draw attention to your brand. These events generally require brand sponsorships, which allows you to advertise your brand on t-shirts, backpacks and what not. Sponsoring events is a proven method to get your brand in front of hundreds, thousands, or millions of individuals that fit your target demographic. If you sponsor an event, your logo will appear on everything from banners to fliers to water bottles. Sponsoring an event also helps you to identify your brand with an event that matches your ideals, allowing customers to associate your brand with the aesthetic and character of that event.

● Social focus

You have to be social in order to build brand recognition. There are numerous social networks and the number is constantly increasing. Engaging in social media marketing on all of them may not be feasible and therefore, if your brand is best suited to a specific network, focus your efforts more on those sites. Know where your target audience spends time and concentrate your efforts there. You won’t want to completely forsake your other social media accounts, but you should focus your efforts on what you know works. Start looking at your stats to identify where your traffic originates. You won’t be known as anything other than a business with a single goal if you just try to engage with your audience when trying to make a sale. So, post about things even unrelated to your product or service on social media. at times. Ask questions, leave comments on posts, and retweet or share information you enjoy to interact with your audience. Most brand recognition is shown to come from online sociability.

● PPC advertising

PPC is a smart way to get your business visible on Google as SEO becomes more competitive every day. You might be at the top of Google for relevant queries if you conduct targeted keyword research. Even if consumers don’t click on your PPC ad, having your name appear at the top of the search results leaves a lasting impression and is great for increasing brand awareness. 15.

● Remarketing campaigns.

Remarketing is the practise of presenting advertising to users who have visited your site but did not convert. Remarketing adverts are displayed on websites that your clients visit. They’ll soon notice your company on their favourite sites, while purchasing online, and so on. This generates the appearance that your company is bigger and has a higher advertising budget than it actually seems.

● Paid social advertising and Influencer marketing

Organic social media marketing is getting increasingly challenging, prompting more companies to turn to paid social media advertising. Facebook and Twitter advertisements are both inexpensive and effective at getting your brand noticed on social media. Whether or not consumers convert right away, every additional piece of familiarity counts when they’re ready to buy. Find industry influencers whose businesses you may potentially complement with. Influencers have become the best way to get your brand to be seen by people far and wide.

I have had a career in marketing that spanned over two decades. Now, I am here to share the learnings from my experience with young marekters