How To Run A Successful Black Friday Campaign for Your Business

What is Black Friday?

Why Should Businesses Run Black Friday Campaigns?

The Black Friday Marketing Process

  • Anti-Black Friday: Before the Black Friday event, retailers generally run an anti-Black Friday campaign. This is where they attempt to convince consumers that they should wait until after Thanksgiving to buy goods.
  • Black Friday Campaign: The Black Friday campaign is where the retailers try to get as many consumers through their doors as possible. As well as discounts, they may run other types of marketing, such as social media ads, TV ads, and online ads.
  • Cyber Monday: Many retailers will take the opportunity on Black Friday to also promote their sale items on Cyber Monday. This is generally a day when consumers can shop for bargains on the Monday after the sale.

How to Run a Successful Black Friday Campaign for Your Business

  • Choose a Date: Deciding on the best day to run your Black Friday campaign can be difficult. There are many factors to consider, including the season, the time of day, and where your competition is located. You might want to try a few different dates to see which one works best for you.
  • Plan Ahead: Before a campaign, set goals for how many people you want to see your store on Black Friday and how many customers you want to sell your goods.You’ll have to make some assumptions here, based on the best data available.
  • Set Your Budget: Black Friday campaigns vary in cost across retailers and industries. You’ll want to set your budget accordingly.
  • Place Your Ad: Black Friday is when most retailers place their ads, so it’s an important time to get your ad in front of as many people as possible.
  • Run Your Campaign: Once you’ve set up your ad and placed your ad, you’ll want to run your campaign. This means you monitor your ads and adjust your strategy as needed.

Tips for Running a Successful Black Friday Campaign



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