How to set a Good work from home schedule

Set A Schedule

A fixed schedule is not just great to help you get your work done. It also keeps your mind on track. Once you maintain a schedule for a few days, your brain begins to put you in “the zone” for work & out of it during breaks.

Get Up & Get Moving

Sitting in the same room all day & working can get monotonous. When you’re working on marketing, it gets even trickier since you have to be creative. Nothing blocks creativity like monotony. So take frequent short breaks where you get out of your chair or bed & walk around your house or room.


Whichever room you choose to work in ( even if it is your bedroom ), try & keep a few windows open if you can. Good ventilation equals a good mindset for work & fresh thoughts. Imagine sitting in a dark dingy room & trying to come up with creative ideas to sell a product.

Don’t Skip Meals

We can all get carried away with work, specially when we’re trying to crack the perfect Google Ad. But let’s not get too carried away & skip our meals. Having a good meal schedule can keep both your mind & body going.

Create a “Workspace”

Having a dedicated workspace will ensure that you are at the peak of your productivity everytime. If you can, get a table, set it up like you’d love & ensure that you do nothing but work, within that space. If you do not have that option, you can get yourself a little desk for your bed, change up your lighting & get creating.

Pick Up A Planner

You may find that your schedule is littered with activities from marketing strategy, to sales meetings, to creative direction. The only way to not miss out on any of them is to have it all written in stone. Well, not in stone, but in your planner. Create weekly plans, daily ones if you need & keep at it.


Marketing is a creative & collaborative effort. That means that inspite of staying home & working out of your bed, you need to be communicating with your team. Get on video calls, collaborate on your graphics, throw around ideas & so on.



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Pravin Chandan

Pravin Chandan

I have had a career in marketing that spanned over two decades. Now, I am here to share the learnings from my experience with young marekters