How to succeed in direct selling

Tips To Succeed With Direct Selling

Direct selling, unlike other forms of marketing or sales, involves a direct conversation & communication between the customer & the corporate. It allows the brand to customise its messaging & positioning to a granular level.

Since there are multiple ways to go about this process, let’s look at some of the best ways to charge ahead with Direct Selling.

Create a clear brand

You may have a completely new product or you may have one that has several competitors. Either way, your brand needs to create a very clear picture & a set of values that every customer thinks of when they think of it. Setting your brand guidelines is step one to this elaborate endeavour.

Understand your target audience

Who are you selling to? Segment your audience, understand the needs of each segment, create marketing collaterals that speak to those needs & position your product within each segment, as a solver of problems. If you have an entire catalogue of products, you may want to consider creating separate campaigns for each segment of customers. Only then can you truly have a valuable conversation with your clients.

Understand your product

For you to effectively sell a product, you must first understand it & love it. Believe in your products & its benefits before pitching it to clients. Since you are directly in contact with your customers, it is your views on the product that are going to influence the decisions of your clientele.

Don’t give up

Perseverance is the key to a successful sales campaign. It may take several tried before you break into the circles that your potential customers are a part of. It may take hundreds of tries before you make your first sale & it may take you even longer to convert it into a steady stream of income. The key is to be persistent, never lose focus & keep trying till you find a formula that works, one that can scale, one you can replicate successfully.Then all you need to do, is push forward with the same game plan.

Speak to your colleagues

Speak & seek advice from your colleagues who have been in the space longer than you & take their advice. Learn from their mistakes, imbibe their successful strategies & seek resources when you feel like you haven’t got any. Your colleagues who are in the same space as you are the best sounding boards for your ideas as well.

Try out email marketing

Once you’ve met with potential clients at least once, you can push most of your communication online. Send out email newsletter with updated campaigns, new products, offers & other useful information. This can keep your connection with clients alive, even when they are not actively participating in purchases.

Consider running a social media handle

Social media is where all the fun is at. Create a handle specific to your offerings. Circulate it among friends, people you meet at events & maybe even try your hand at running social media ads at a nominal cost. Once you get people onto your handle, it is an open, two-way discussion channel between you & your customer. It is also a great place to find new customers.

Venture into new platforms

Marketing & sales are ever-evolving. You need to change with the times, if not get ahead of the curve. So when you hear of a new platform that is suddenly steeped in viewership, get on it! Put your brand everywhere that viewers can see it. The wider your net, the better the catch.

Take criticism but don’t give in

Criticism is going to come from everywhere you look, especially when you are in direct conversation with existing & prospective customers. You must learn to imbibe the best out of the criticism & ignore the rest.

To conclude, all I’d like to add is, choose your path wisely & keep trying till you beat the stats.

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