What Is Guerrilla Marketing and How Can You Implement It?

What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

How Guerrilla Marketing Works?

Which Industries Benefit the Most from Guerrilla Marketing?

Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Brand Awareness — Builds brand awareness by creating a community around the brand by creating content and interacting with customers in a genuine way.
  • Trial — Provides a low-cost way to get new leads without the high cost of traditional paid advertising.
  • Lead Magnets — Using content to attract, engage and convert customers into brand advocates is a great way to build a list of qualified leads.
  • Low Risk — There is a lot less risk in guerrilla marketing than in traditional advertising methods because you don’t need to predict which product will sell best, and you don’t need to perform large-scale production or buy advertising space on TV.

Disadvantages of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Community Issues — A key issue with guerrilla marketing is that the community that is built may have a negative reputation if the company’s community standards are not high enough.
  • Lack of Focus — An issue with many guerrilla campaigns is that they may lack focus. If a campaign is not focused enough, it may not drive any sales at all.
  • No ROI — A key issue with guerrilla campaigns is there is no way to determine if they are driving any sales or brand awareness. You may only see that your marketing campaign is effective, but you do not see any sales that it may have driven.
  • Bad Content — A key issue with guerrilla campaigns is that you may use the wrong type of content, such as a product demonstration instead of a product review.
  • Low Audience Engagement — An issue with many guerrilla campaigns is that they do not engage the audience enough to create a positive experience.




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Pravin Chandan


I have had a career in marketing that spanned over two decades. Now, I am here to share the learnings from my experience with young marekters